Relaxing Periods

Rise Up with the

Premium Menstrual
Q Cup TM

Easy To Use!


Clean Your hand & Sterilize the Q Cup


Fold Breath & Insert


Wear Up to 9 Hours


Remove the Q Cup

Blood Leaks


Wash the Q Cup & Reuse

What is Menstrual Cup ?

The Premium Menstrual Q Cup is a famine hygiene device which is inserted into the vagina to collect the blood during menstruation cycle. The purpose of the Menstrual Q Cup is to collect the menstrual fluid that is blood from uterine lining mixed with other fluids. It perfectly fit and seals the uterine to collect every drop of menstrual fluid and provide extra comfort during menstruation (Periods).
The Premium Menstrual Q Cup is made up of 100% Medical Grade Liquid Silicon for softness and safety. Its designed like a bell shape with stem for easy insertion and removal. If needed stem can be trimmed for more comfort. The edge of Q Cup is rounded and smooth to provide extra comfort during periods. The bell shaped cup seals against the vaginal wall below the cervix to make periods leak free. We suggest to check Q Cup every 4-9 hours depending on amount of flow to empty the menstrual fluid. Q Cup have to be removed, emptied, rinsed and reinserted. After each cycle Menstrual Q Cup must be clean for reuse. Unlike Pads and tampons, Q Cup collects menstrual fluid instead of absorbing it.
The Premium Menstrual Q Cup can be used for up to 5 years. Comparatively Menstrual Q Cup is more economical than pads or tampons. Apart from this Q Cup is eco-friendly, safe and easy to use. As Q Cup is reusable for up to 5 Years, the amount of discarded packaging decreases that ultimately reduces the daily waste herby saves the environment.

The Premium Menstrual Q Cup can be used by anyone as it is available in different sizes to suites requirements. It is available in small, medium and large size with colorless and translucent to avoide any chemical reaction while using. Amtrueindia provide best menstrual cup in india.

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Feature Of this new Revolution

best menstrual cup in india

How does this work

The Premium Menstrual Q Cup designed for relaxing your periods with extra hygiene.

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Fold & Insert

First wash your hand and then Fold the Premium Menstrual Q Cup to form a seal with small suction holes that keeps it in place during use.

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Wear for Upto 9 Hours

Once inserted correctly you are ready to go, you shouldn’t feel the Q Cup! You can do yoga, sports, swim and anything for up to 9 hours. Wear Q Cup and sleep with no worries.

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Empty - Rinse - Reuse

Empty the Q Cup after use, rinse and clean it properly to reuse again, Simple! Try it now to make your life much relaxing and feel the freedom.

What is Best ?




Choose Your Size

The Premium Q Cup is available in 3 different sizes Small, Medium and Large. (See the Size Chart)

  • Q Cup Small Size – You are a woman under 30 who has not given birth vaginally.
  • Q Cup Medium Size – You are a woman under 30 who has given birth vaginally
  • Q Cup Medium Size – You are a woman over the age of 30 who has not given birth vaginally
  • Q Cup Large Size – You are a woman over the age of 30 who gave birth vaginally

Contact a gynecologist to make the best choice for Menstrual Q Cup.


Below 30 Years

Below 30 Years

Above 30 Years

Above 30 Years

Have Given Child Birth















Advantages of Q Cup

Super Safe Standards

instructions for first-time menstrual cup users

1. Read the Q Cup Instructions.

It’s an obvious step but many of us miss it out. We might get excited and try it without reading an instructions. We recommend you to read the Menstrual Q Cup instruction manual or watch video before using Q Cup.

4. Trim the stem of Q Cup for extra comfort.

If you feel stem during the use and it feels uncomfortable even after using couple of times. We recommend you to cut the stem to make it shorter. Don’t cut the stem while it is in use.

2. Wear Panty Liner at beginning or until you feel comfortable.

Menstrual Q Cup is safe and leak proof but first time user feel uncomfortable at beginning. So we recommend them to wear a panty liner until they feel 100% comfortable. 

5. Practice insertion before menstrual period.

Practicing insertion and removal at the beginning will make you more confident during actual period. If you are first time user, we recommend you to practice before your periods to become a pro Q Cup user. Q Cup is the best menstrual cup for beginners.

3. Locate your cervix before insertion.

Every women have different body structure and position of cervix. Try to locate cervix by using your finger, feel the slightly firmer area of tissue than place the Q Cup under it. We recommend to properly check if the Q Cup is fully open and sealed.

6. Use water based lubricant.

At beginning it seems difficult to insert, you can use water or water based lubricant to make insertion easier.

frequently asked questions

The Premium Menstrual Q Cup is made from medical grade liquid silicon which is hypoallergenic. The risk of Toxic shock syndrome (TSS) is much lower than sanitary pads and tampons. There will be no rashes or burning sensation while using Menstrual Q Cup. Q Cup is completely safe and more comfortable to use. 
You can use Menstrual Q Cup for up to 9 hours but it varies on amount of menstrual fluid. With normal to light days one can vary it for 9 hours without leakage and no danger to body. At the beginning, we recommend to check Q Cup for every 5 – 6 hours and see how much the flow is. Once you get the idea of how much the menstrual fluid is, you can empty Q cup accordingly.
Absolutely, it’s more hygienic than pads and tampons that soaked the blood for same duration of time and perform activities. The blood collected in Q Cup inside the body without any physical contact with outer environment, so it remains in its pure form and germ free. Hence Q Cup is more hygienic than any of sanitary pads or tampons.
No, Q Cup is 100% leak free! You can sleep tension free at any position. You can even swim, do yoga, play sports and perform other day to day task without leakage. However if it’s not placed properly, it could leak. Women with higher flow may need high capacity Q Cup to avoid spillage.
Yes, but Q Cup may stretch your hymen. Your hymen may already be stretched by other physical activities like cycling, sports, horse riding, yoga etc. It is completely depends on individual whether to take this risk or not. Many teenagers have used Premium menstrual Q Cup.
The menstrual Q Cup can go few inches deeper. Even if you have high cervix, Q Cup can perform well for you. The cervix has very small hole that prevents Q Cup to go further. To bring the Q Cup lower, you need to squeeze and push it with your muscles.

Yes, The Premium Menstrual Cup is designed so well to hold the clots and it is the best period cup.

There are several ways to fold and insert Menstrual Q Cup. The most common fold is “C” or “U” Fold. Fold the Q Cup to make a “C” or “U” shape, breath and insert into a vagina and it will open up iside vagina. After inserting check if it fits and sealed properly. You can sit on toilet seat, or squat or stand or rest one leg on toilet seat and insert. Another type of fold is “Punch-down” fold. “Punch-Down” fold lessen down the point of insertion to make it even easier to insert.
Absolutely Yes, Menstrual Q Cup is available in different sizes to suites every body structure. You can opt for small menstrual Q Cup. Vaginal walls are elastic and can easily fits in.
Q Cup is designed to retain heavy flow, but if the Premium menstrual Q Cup is already full it may leak during heavy surge. The Q Cup fits inside vagina with airtight seal, so if it filled up fully, it will hold and not come out. While removing Q Cup after heavy flow, be careful as it may spill.