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Top 7 Ways for Menstrual Cup Folding


If you’ve decided to use a menstrual cup, you’re looking for tips on how to fold it. Alternatively, you might want to switch but need more instruction including how to fold and insert a menstrual cup. We’ve got you covered in either case. Continue reading to learn about seven different menstrual cup folding techniques to attempt.

 First and foremost, a cup is just a recyclable tampon substitute. This implies the cup can be used each period and last for years, reducing the amount of trash generated during your period. The cup is introduced like a tampon, rather than absorbing the menstrual blood, it collects it.

What is Menstrual Cup Folding?

Before insertion, fold the Menstrual Cup . There are a plethora of cup folds to choose from, but the most important thing is to choose one that fits you. The most common fold might be too big for you. Alternatively, you may discover that the fold that your friend likes is too difficult for you.


To begin, It is quite crucial. Sterilize your menstruation cup and wash your hands. Second, it is critical to maintaining a calm state of mind. Choose a comfortable position for yourself. This could include stooping over the toilet or standing for one leg supported on the toilet seat. Now you must decide which fold you will use.


Top 7 ways for menstrual cup folding  (menstrual cup folding)

There are a few different ways to fold a menstruation cup to make insertion easier. Check the following menstrual cup folding methods and decide the one that works best for you.


1.   C / U Menstrual Cup Folding Technique


Pinch the cup’s sides to compress it, then bend it in half and make a ‘C’ or a ‘U’ shape. This is the most frequent menstrual cup fold, and it’s better for beginners than the ‘punch down’ fold because it opens more gently.


  • Place both hands slightly beneath the rim of the cup, with your thumbs closest to you.


  • Flatten the cup by pressing the sides together.


  • To make a ‘U’ or ‘C’ form, bend the menstrual cup ½ lengthwise.



2.   Punch Down Menstrual Cup Folding Technique


This fold frequently works well for people who have trouble obtaining the menstrual cup to expand because it springs open when placed. To utilize the punch-down technique, hold the menstrual cup inside one hand and press one edge of the rim downward inside the cup with your index finger on the other hand. To fix the fold, pinch the edges of the rim together.


  • Hold the cup in one hand at the base.


  • Place your opposite hand’s index finger on the cup rim.


  • Push the rim of the base down with this finger.


  • Press the edges together with your left hand and hold tightly.



3.   Origami Menstrual Cup Folding Technique


Fold one cup corner crosswise over the pushed-down folding after pushing the rim halfway down the interior of the cup.


  • Grip your cup at the bottom with one hand.


  • Put your opposing hand’s index finger on the cup’s rim.


  • Press the ring downward inside the base with this finger (about halfway).


  • Fold the cup’s right corner down towards the left side’s base.



4.   S Fold Menstrual Cup Folding Technique


Pinch the cup’s edges together just to shut or straighten it, then grab the 2 sides of both the cup (even while closed) and press them in different directions to form an ‘S’ pattern when looking at it from the top.


  • With both hands, hold the cup slightly beneath the rim.


  • To compress the menstruation cup, try pressing the edges together.


  • To produce an ‘S’ shape, push one edge away from you while simultaneously folding the other towards you.


5.   Triangle Fold Menstrual Cup Folding Technique


Straighten the cup’s rim by pinching it together. To make a triangle, shut the cup and drag the end of the rim diagonally across. The edge is folded over the opposing side of the cup, comparable to the 7 fold.


  • Hold the menstrual cup with washable hands.


  • Punch the sides of the rin from both sides.


  • Try to make a triangle and change it like a 7-looking rin and insert it.



6.   Diamond Fold Menstrual Cup Folding Technique


Close the cup by pinching the center. To make an ‘O’ shape, lift the rim of one cup side and open it over the pinched center. Make a diamond shape by bringing the opposing sides of the ‘O’ together.


  • Hold the menstrual cup and punch at the center.


  • Try to make the sides look like O.


  • Fold it like a Diamond and insert it.


7.   7 Fold Menstrual Cup Folding Technique


When within you, this folding is narrower than the very well C menstrual cup folding technique and releases much more easily than other folds. This fold might be right for you if you’re having trouble with this.


  • Place both hands beneath the rim of the cup.


  • To flatten the cup, press the sides together.


  • Fold the cup’s right corner down to the stem.



Facts about Menstrual Cup Folding Styles


Some of the facts about the Menstrual Cup Folding Style are mentioned below:-


  • Hygiene – Always wash your menstrual cups and hands before Menstrual Cup folding.


  • Shouldn’t hustle – While using a menstrual cup, it’s best to do so when you’re at your most comfortable. You want to have plenty of time to experiment with different insertion techniques without feeling rushed.


  • Experiment – Practicing a new fold in a hurry or under stress is not a good idea.


  • Using Lubricant – Use a lubricant/moisturizer on your vaginal area. The oil-based lubrication is slightly less slick than the water-based lubricant, but both will help with insertion and withdrawal.


  • Relax – Insertion, as well as removal, must never be unpleasant, and if they are, stop immediately and try again when you are calmer.


Finally, I’d want to say that using menstrual cups is a wonderful step that you all have taken. We hope the Menstrual Cup Folding Styles listed above make your menstrual cycle go more smoothly. Check out Amtrue’s Star product Q Cup if you’re looking for the best menstruation cup that’s both easy to fold and use. We hope you’ve found this blog to be useful in your menstrual cup switch!

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