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Three Ways to Sterilize Menstrual Cup


So, you’ve decided to choose a menstrual cup throughout your period. This is a fantastic option – There are certain things to consider before you begin.

 Keep in mind that because menstrual cups seem to be reusable, you’ll want to learn how to sterilize menstrual cups and store them properly. Surprisingly, if you sterilize a menstrual cup after each cycle, you can use it for up to 10 years.

 You can safely sterilize your cup pre or post each cycle as most brands recommend. You can use a utensil that could completely soak the cup and not contact the utensil’s bottom. Boil for 12-15 minutes with your menstrual cup in it.

What is a Menstrual Cup?

A menstrual cup, such as the Q Cup, is a long-term solution for women who want to try anything other than pads and tampons for their periods. The Q Cup is devoid of toxins and hazardous compounds and is made of medical-grade silicone. As a result, both the ecosystem plus your physique will benefit from your efforts.

There are some reasons why utilizing a menstrual cup could be up to your standards if you’re contemplating it but haven’t made up your mind yet. Menstrual cups seem to be user-friendly and easy to use, in addition to being environmentally friendly. A menstrual cup is inserted in the same way as a tampon and moves with you while preventing leakage.

What is Sterilization?

To disinfect your menstrual cup, boil it for 14-15 minutes, and then use it for the first time and each month before (or after) your period. Your menstrual cup is just a soft, liquid silicone item that you can use like sanitary pads or tampons during your period.

Your menstrual cup can be reused, but it must be cleaned in between uses. Empty and wash your cup after each usage before re-inserting it. To avoid bacterial growth, sterilize your menstrual cup at least once a cycle. When done correctly, this destroys all organisms, including illness bacteria, spores, and viruses.

Cleaning is a pain, whether it’s after a celebration or when you’re on your period. The saga of sterilizing your sustainable and comfy menstrual cup may appear to have many more steps, beginning with trying to keep completely separate utensils for the cup, after which boiling up the water and placing the cup within it, & finally waiting and figuring out when it will be done, after which taking it out, holding it separate.

To make it as painless as possible, we’ve put up the complete guide to cleaning and caring for your menstrual cup.

Top 3 Ways to Sterilize Menstrual Cup

Use AmTrue Menstrual Cup Cleanser

Which cleaners may we use on the menstrual cups is an essential question that needs to be addressed. Avoid using soaps with oils or heavy smells if you don’t want your private areas to feel uncomfortable after inserting a menstruation cup. So choose a Menstrual Cup Cleanser which keeps your vaginal pH balanced and is free of chemicals such as colors or strong smells. It is the simplest and finest approach to cleaning a menstruation cup because it acts softly on it.

The Amtrue Menstrual Cup wash is pH-balanced, dye-free, and fragrance-free, and it naturally washes away bacteria. If you’re new to using a menstrual cup, it’s a simple and gentle way to get started.

Boil Your Cup

It’s preferable to boil it near the conclusion of your menstrual period. All you have to do is wash your cup with water and a bit of mild soap. Fill a steel saucepan with water to the point where your menstruation cup does not touch the utensil’s base. Simmer for approximately 5 to 10 minutes with the cup inside the boiling hot water. To cool down, pull everything out and place it somewhere else. You can heat it whenever you want, even if it isn’t necessary.

A Vinegar/ Lemon Solution Can Be of Great Help

Cleaning your menstruation cup can be accomplished with a weak vinegar solution. Although most people are unaware, vinegar is a pure sanitizer. To make the solution, whisk together one part vinegar and nine parts water. Simply rinse your cup in this solution before rinsing it with cold water. Now, without being concerned, do it naturally and respond to the simple question about how to cleanse the menstrual cup.

Best Time to Sterilize Menstrual Cup

Always For two to three minutes, sterilize your menstruation cup. Bacteria may remain on the cup’s surface if it is sterilized for a shorter period. Probably, heating it for over 12 – 15 minutes on several occasions will shorten the cup’s lifespan.

Only sanitize your cup for the necessary 10 to 15 minutes to help it last for long as necessary and to avoid illnesses.


So, all of your questions about how to wash a menstrual cup, sterilize a menstrual cup, why your menstrual cup stinks, how to get the smell out of a menstrual cup, and why is mine menstrual cup is is leaky have been answered here.

Your vaginal tissue cleans itself, although it is sensitive to alien and harsh substances. Take a pH test to examine your vaginal wellness & discover the Amtrue’s Vaginal Wash which leaves your vagina in the appropriate pH range if you’re experiencing any irritation or notice a foul-smelling odor at any time while using your menstrual cup.

Stick to your menstrual cup cleaning practice once you’ve discovered what works for you. You will be grateful to both the body and the environment.

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