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    About Us

    We at AMTRUE the Best Personal Hygiene Products in India invite women to explore the Pain-Free Periods Experience. Amtrue is a premium brand offering premium products like Menstrual Cup. They believe in the spirit of making new changes in women’s lifestyles. Creating awareness about the Menstrual Cup Brand in India in 2022. Amtrue India is the safest brand to use regularly. Our commitment is to always be environmentally friendly. Amture is a menstrual cup brand in India. Choose the products which are good to you and Earth. Intimate Care is essential for every woman living on this planet. We can live, feel, and stay fresh with the Amtrue Women Care & Intimate Collection.  

    Get authentic women’s care products at AMTRUE – The Best Menstrual Cup Brand in India. Our vision is to provide the Best Personal Hygiene Product, Menstrual Care Products, and Women’s Care Products at Pocket-friendly prices. We have thought of breaking stereotypes. Amtrue India is also available on Amazon with great & exciting offers. Amtrue Products have a deep trustable relationship with Women. Amtrue’s founder and Co-Founder have a dream to provide personal hygiene products from nature’s bed. Choose now the gens like Products for Women’s Care from Top Rated Menstrual Cup Brand in India. 


    Star Features of AMTRUE Products 

    • Safest Menstrual Cup Brand in India
    • No Paraben, No Sulphate & No Harsh Chemicals 
    • 200+ Times Products are tested
    • Dermatologist Tested
    • 100% Biocompatible Medical Grade Liquid Silicone Material 
    • Eco-Friendly Products 
    • No Artificial Coloring
    • Premium Range of Women’s Care 
    • Skin-Friendly Products  
    • FDA Approved Brand 

    Exciting facts about Why Choose Amtrue Personal Hygiene Product in India.

    • The Amtrue brand name suggests staying true to nature along with being true to yourself. 
    • The Green part of the Amtrue represents the environmental friendliness present in the products.
    • Get Amtrue’s personal hygiene products which are essential for women’s care.
    • Amtrue products are Organic and Natural beneficial for both Your Mother’s Care and Our Earth’s Mother Care. 
    • The brand with Premium Women’s Health Care Range. Try our full product range at the lowest price. 
    • Our products are tested by many recognized authorities. Amtrue Q Cup is certified by Testtex as 211 SVHC free. 
    • Women’s Care and Menstrual Care Range is available online on Amtrue India Website. 
    • Amtrue India is the only brand that sells its menstrual cup in a proper cloth mini suitcase. 
    • This menstrual cup brand is an Indian Brand. We are part of the Make In India Project started by PM Narendra Modi. 
    • Amtrue India makes biodegradable Women’s Care and Personal Hygiene Products. 

    Our Vision

    We want to spread the message more about women’s menstrual care and Personal hygiene products range for a healthy lifestyle. Many firms sell menstrual care ranges in competition with Amtrue. We see things differently. We plan to sell silicone-made menstrual cups. This makes “Amtrue India” the No. 1 Menstrual Cup Brand in India. Join us in making positive and healthy changes to your hygiene care right now. Amtrue India Personal Hygiene Products’ vision is to be every lady’s best friend. Our vision is to make healthy changes in the environment. Amtrue menstrual cup brand in India is a pollution-free brand.

    Our Mission 

    In upcoming years, We want to shift the whole MENSTRUAL PADS SYSTEM into a BIODEGRADABLE MENSTRUAL CUP SYSTEM in India. Pads are made-up of harsh chemicals which are not only good for Women’s Human Touch as well as Our Earth. Believe in giving Comfort to Everybody. Our primary aim is to deliver healthy solutions to the problems based on women on a large scale. Amtrue aims to become a renowned menstrual cup brand in India offering a premium range of Menstrual Care and Personal Hygiene Products. The thought of serving eco-friendly products to everyone is our mission.

    Message from Amtrue Founder

    Ashish Wanjari is a well-known Advocate in Nagpur, Maharashtra. He was the one who came up with the idea of creating brands like Amtrue. Ashish is currently hard at work developing a new menstruation care and personal hygiene product line for women.

    Message from Amtrue Co-Founder

     Amture India’s Co-Founder is Ichha Ashish Wanjari. She has observed numerous variances in the Monthly Care and Personal Hygiene Products Ranges of various firms including Amtrue. Her expertise contributes significantly to offering Amtrue Women’s Care and Personal Hygiene Products a feminine touch.


    Lets Try Together To Be True to Yourself & Nature. Choose the Intimate Care Range of Amtrue for a PAD FREE living experience. Break the chain of Using Pads in Periods.

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