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“Your safety is our priority”

At AmTrue India, we are dedicated to achieving a single goal: producing products and promoting conversations around feminine hygiene issues. Simply put, our existence, inventions, and solutions all start with your problems and end with your total health.

Yes, we resolve all of your unresolved issues.

Impact of Q Cup on Environment

Tampons and pads in conjunction with their packaging and character wrapping generate greater than 200,000 tons  of waste per year, and all of them include plastic – in fact, pads are round 90% plastic! 

The common person throws away an extraordinary 125 to 150 kg of tampons, pads and applicators of their lifetime.

Plastic garbage eventually finds its way into landfills or, even worse, into the oceans, rivers, and beaches. A tampon or pad takes generations longer to decompose in a landfill than the lifespan of the person who used it – especially if it’s wrapped in plastic.

Furthermore, the production process for these products — converting wood into soft, cotton-like fibers – is both resource and chemical heavy.

Almost, two billion period products are flushed down the toilet each year, accounting for 75% of all blocked drains.

It results in annual removal expenses of £14 billion. Tampons, applicators, and panty liners, along with cotton buds, account up 7.3 percent of things flushed down the toilet.

The carbon footprint of a year’s worth of disposable period products is 5.3 kg CO2 equivalents.

Community & Education:

We encourage women to rethink the cultural construct surrounding feminine hygiene in order to make informed decisions about their overall health.

Social Responsibility:

AmTrue India empowers women at the ground level by providing them with products and knowledge about menstruation health and hygiene.

Environmental Responsibility: 

We are aware of the difficulties that face the world, and we are working hard to guarantee that our products and packaging have as little environmental impact as possible.


Many women and girls all around the world are unaware of the greatest possibilities for fulfilment and comfort. Our goal is to inform and educate not only girls, but the entire community, about the necessary options available to women. We, as a firm, not only look after our products, but also ensure that our consumers receive safe, sanitary, and cost-effective services.
Our mission is to assist you as a woman in AmTrue India during your most trying times while minimizing environmental impact.


Despite all of the hygienic protection that comes with being a woman or a girl, 85 percent of women are uncomfortable during their monthly periods. And we, as a firm, are attempting to solve the problem with our best option! Our goal is to create a product that not only feels nice and is pleasant to wear, but also sends a message to every woman in the country that she should endeavor to achieve the desired outcomes.
Women would no longer have to suffer from an alternative that provides them with security.


AmTrue India is concerned about every single lady or girl, and they are reaching out to them with their merchandise. Because we believe that women should be educated about their menstrual hygiene. We don’t want the girl to have to miss school or job because of her menstruation. We’ve already stated that we strive to provide a safe, hygienic, and cost-effective period product.

Join AmTrue India and begin your exciting experience with free periods.

Safety Hygiene Cleaning

Because no outside influences or free air contact the collected flow when it is placed and no germs are created, using a menstrual Q cup is extremely safe and hygienic.
In actuality, germs on your hands that were transmitted through the menstrual cup are more likely to cause disease than the menstrual cup itself. That is why, before inserting or removing the cup, you must properly clean your hands.
Germs grow quickly when exposed to free air, according to gynecologists, which is why you should empty your menstrual cup every 8-12 hours. Following are some tips that every cup user should follow to ensure good hygiene and cleaning:
  • You must first soak a menstrual cup in hot water for 3-5 minutes before using it.
  • Drain your cup after each period, wash it with hot water and soap, and then reapply it.
  • Immerse your cup gain in hot water for at least 3-5 minutes after your period has ended.
  • If you notice an odor coming from your cup, don’t use it or replace it.