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This Yoga Day Know More about Hormone Balance Yoga


A group of hormone-producing organs makes up the endocrine system. Hormones are required for nearly all bodily functions, including energy management, digestion, sex drive, attitude, health, and development. Headaches, skin issues, sleeplessness, exhaustion, rapid weight gain or fat loss, and loss of muscle mass are just a few of the symptoms that can occur when there is a hormone imbalance. It’s been proven that reading about various yoga positions will help you relax while also balancing your hormones.

Yoga Day

Following its setting – up at the UNGA(United Nations General Assembly) in 2014, the International Day of Yoga has been observed yearly on June 21st since 2015. Yoga brings joy, happiness, and tranquility from the inside, as well as a deeper feeling of attachment between someone’s subconscious and the outside reality.

The longest day would be June 21, often known as the summer solstice. As a result, it was determined that this day would be designated as International Yoga Day. Yoga focuses on all of the body’s and mind’s systems. Asanas are considered to strengthen and stretch the body, and as one’s health improves, so does one’s courage.

All About Hormone Balance Yoga

Hormones impact us all in some way, although many of us are more affected than others. We can be laid-back, cheerful, and laid-back one day and intolerant, furious, and irritated the next. Hormones influence our emotional state, causing us to interpret things completely differently.

Top 5 Hormone Balance Yoga Asanas​

Check out and includes these top 5 Hormone Balance Yoga Asanas for living a healthy lifestyle:


  • Kneel and sit with your heels pressed against the ground.
  • Twist your toes out as much as possible.
  • Face upward with both palms on the knees.
  • Look forward to straightening your back.
  • For a time, hold this asana.
  • Kneel Bend and sit with your heels pressed against the ground.
  • Try to Twist the toes out as much as possible.
  • Both arms should be raised.
  • Look forward to straightening your back.
  • For a time, hold this asana.


Savitri Asana

  •  On your back, lie  down. Lift your legs 90 ° with the help of your   abdominal muscles.
  • Allow your center and lower spine to lift off from the ground to meet the toes on the ground behind your head by pressing your palms gently into the floor.
  • Bring your chest to the chin as much as possible.
  • You can keep your palms flat on the floor, but you can bend your arms and use your palms to support your back.
  • For a time, hold the asana.


  • Relax your body and Lie  down on the stomach area.
  • Feet should be joined together.
  • Put your palms under your shoulders
  • Hold the body position


  • To begin, stand in Samasthiti.
  • Exhale and gradually lower your upper body from your hips to your knees, touching your nose with your knees.
  • Position the palms of your hands on each side of your feet.
  • If necessary, slightly bend your knees.
  • Gradually stretch your knees and aim to touch the chest to the thighs with practice.
  • Hold this pose for a few moments.


  • Began on your hands and knees.
  • Put your palms beneath your shoulders and your knees beneath your hips. Straighten the knees by raising your hips to achieve this pose.
  • Make an inverted ‘V’ formation with your feet.
  • Maintain a shoulder-width distance between your hands. Make an effort to have your heels firmly touch the ground.
  • Hold the position for a few seconds.

Benefits of Hormone Balance Yoga

Yoga asanas such as headstand, handstand, as well as shoulder stand, which involve several inversions, can be incredibly beneficial to the thyroid, heart, hormonal changes, and lungs. However, these poses are only for experienced practitioners and should not be attempted without supervision. For tension, anxiety, and tiredness relief, perform these simple asanas with basic breathing exercises.

Make a Hormone Balance Yoga Change in Your Lifestyle

If you want to balance out your hormones then start doing Daily Yoga and make a Happy & Healthy change in your lifestyle. Hormone Balance Yoga increases your mobility and immunity.


Lastly, I would like to mention on the 21st of June let’s take an initiative to stay healthy. Hormone Balance Yoga not only maintains your physical health along with mental health. Celebrate this yoga day by balancing out your Hormones.




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