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the best menstrual cups in India


Starting now, showcase yourself with The Best Menstrual Cups in India. Feminine healthcare is incredibly vital for women, and it is now becoming increasingly important and gaining prominence that we utilize sustainable and environmental products in the market. These cups save a lot of money because they are one-time purchases.

Pads can cause itching, rashes, and virginal Infections. Tampons are another product that can benefit us, but if you look about it sensibly, there may be better goods that are also environmentally safe and cost-effective. The doorway of Menstrual Cups was then unlocked for the ladies.

However, menstrual excrement took approximately 800 years to biodegrade, and many women are discouraged from making the changeover due to a lack of open discussion about it. Get the Best Menstrual Cups in India buy online on websites and Medical Stores.
A menstruation cup is a form of reusable feminine hygiene tool. It’s a little, elastic funnel-shaped cup of soft rubber as well as silicone which one puts inside the vagina to trap and collect menstrual fluid. Cups may store extra bleeding than other techniques, therefore many women are using them as an environmentally substitute for tampons and Pads. Use the menstrual cups for up to 12 hours.

The Best Menstrual Cups in India 

Do you want to experience the pleasure of having PAD Free PERIODS switch now to the Menstrual Cups? Explore the top-ranked companies according to google for buying menstrual cups. Get hands-on with the Made in India’s Menstrual Cups for PAIN-Free PERIOD experience. Check out The list of Best Menstrual Cups in India like Amtrue’s Q Cup, Sirona, Pee Safe, Carmesi, and Sanfe.

S.No.Differences on the Basis Q Cup SironaPee SafeCarmesiSanfe
1.Cup Material100% Biocompatible Medical Grade Liquid SiliconeSiliconeMedical Grade SiliconeSoft Medical-Grade Silicone:100%medical-grade silicone
2.Average Price800/-400/- 349/- 399/- 499
3. Holds Up To15-30 ml15-30 ml16-26 ml
4. Sizes of CupS, M, LS, M, L XS, S, LS, M, L S, M, L
5. Menstrual KitManual to Use comes with Q Cup in a black color pouchComes in a potli cover. Comes in black color potli coverComes in a Colourful potli coverComes in Pink Color Potli
6. Doctor’s Approved YesYesYesYesYes
7.Availability of Cup WashYesYesYeaYesYes
8.Intimate Wash for Virginal Cleaning YesYesYesYesYes
9. Zip-Lock Pouches for Cup Protection YesNoNoNoNo
10. Links for Buying

Q Cup 

Amtrue Q Cup is a healthcare product manufactured entirely of Medical Grade Liquid Silicone, a substance that is both soft and long history of safe skin. After oxygen, silicon is the second-highest plentiful component in the Earth’s crust. Testtex Laboratories has confirmed Q Cup to be exempt from 211 Chemicals of Very Highest Risk. 

Star Features of Q Cup

  • Premium Quality Menstrual Cup 
  • Helps in Experiencing Relaxing Periods 
  • Easy to Use
  • Use up to 5 years 
  • Come with Eco – Friendly Compact Pouch
  • Effortless to Sterilize 
  • Priced at 800/- 
  • Environmental Friendly 
  • Made Up of 100% medical-grade liquid NV silicone
  • Available in 3 Sizes (Small, Medium, Large) 
  • Hold Blood Flow up to 12 Hours 
  • The cycle of 3 R’s – Reuse, Recycle & Renew

What’s in the Menstrual Q Cup Kit?

The Premium Quality Menstrual Q Cup Kit embodies Q Cup, Compact Size Black Eco-Friendly Pouch, and One Manual for Direction to Use Q Cup. 

Why does Q Cup just become best friends after 1 Use? 

  • Chemical Free Product
  • Rash less Experience
  • Toxin Free 
  • No Vaginal Infection 
  • Extra Comfort and Softness
  • Made-Up of Soft Material
  • No Odor

Medical Certification of Q Cup

  • Certified by ISO
  • Testtex Qualified
  • Other Certification 
  • 200+ Tested 
  • Gynecologist Tested 

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Sirona Menstrual Cup

Sirona’s Menstrual Cup has been the most innovative, cost-effective, and waterproof method of achieving total period satisfaction. It is a recyclable silicone cup that is carried inwardly and collects instead of soaking menstrual flow. 

Star Features of Sirona Menstrual Cup

  • Small Size Priced at 399/- 
  • Simple to Use
  • Used up to 8 to 9 Hours
  • Eco – Friendly
  • Use up to 15 years 
  • It May be difficult to Insert 
  • Economical 
  • Sustainable 

What’s in the Sirona Menstrual Cup Kit?

The Sirona Menstrual Cup kit includes one cotton potli along with Sirona Menstrual Cup. 

Why does the Sirona Menstrual Cup just become best friends after 1 Use?

  • No Leakage
  • Natural PH Level Maintain 
  • Easy to Use 

Medical Certification of Sirona Menstrual Cup

  • FDA Approved 

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Pee Safe Menstrual Cup

Pee Safe Menstrual cups seem to be the most cost-effective menstrual product available. The menstruation cup is produced of 100% Medical Quality Silicone in an FDA-approved factory. These menstruation cups are meant to be put into your vagina.

Star Features of Pee Safe Menstrual Cup

  • Small Size Priced at 500/- 
  • Latex Free 
  • No BPA
  • Free of Chemicals & Odor
  • Made Up of Bit Hard Material
  • Holds flow up to 12 hours 

What’s in the Pee Safe Menstrual Cup Kit?

The Pee Safe Menstrual Cup Kit includes black color potli pouch along with Pee Safe Menstrual Cup. 

Why does Pee Safe Menstrual Cup just become best friends after 1 Use?

  • Extremely Soft
  • Super – Gentle Menstrual Cup 
  • Easy to Use

Medical Certification of Pee Safe Menstrual Cup

  • FDA Approved 

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Lastly, we can comment that Now it is not difficult to find the best Menstrual Cups in India. Menstrual Cup is a New Change that all women should initiate. The top-ranked companies selling the Best Menstrual Cups in India are mentioned above. Choose the best one with high-quality silicone. According to Us, Amtrue’s Q Cup is the menstrual cup that comes with a compact size pouch for Q Cup protection. It’s a made in India Product for the Women’s Care Cause. 

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