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1. Are Amtrue products safe for us?

Amtrue products are healthy and safe for us. Amtrue menstrual care range is just the safest option in the industry. Our Premium Menstrual Q Cup is made up of 100% Medical Grade Liquid Silicone which is rash-free and burning sensation free. Amtrue’s intimate foam wash will help you in maintaining virginal PH levels.

2. What makes Amtrue’s Premium Menstrual Q Cup different from other menstrual cups?

Amtrue’s Premium Menstrual Q Cup is a genuine fact that exists in women’s life. A female usually goes through 450 menstrual cycles in her whole life. Amazingly, she needs only 7 Q Cups to go through with them.

3. Does Amtrue share a full menstrual care range for women?

Yes, Amture provides a full menstrual care range for women. Amtrue has premium products like Menstrual cups, Menstrual cup wash, and intimate wash.

4. What are the key features of Amtrue Products?

The key features of Amtrue Products are mentioned below:- 
Eco-Friendly Products
Toxin-Free Menstrual Care Range 
Products that last for more than a year. 
Your product suits all body types 
Products for Healthy Vigina
Long Term Investment

5. How many times Amtrue Products are tested?

Amtrue Products like Q Cup are tested more than 200+ times. Moreover, products are approved by Testtex, Virginal Irritation Test, Skin Sensitivity Test, and In-Vitro Cytotoxicity Test.

6. What are the thoughts behind launching Amtrue? 

Amtrue is an Indian Brand that offers a wide range of menstrual and female care products. Amtrue is a brand that believes in giving rash-free and toxin-free women’s care products.

7. What are the main collections of Amtrue India?

The main collections of Amtrue India are Menstrual Hygiene Collection and Premium Quality Collection.


Lets Try Together To Be True to Yourself & Nature. Choose the Intimate Care Range of Amtrue for a PAD FREE living experience. Break the chain of Using Pads in Periods.

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