How to use QCup Menstrual Cup

How to use QCup Menstrual Cup

You must know an Amazing fact before using Menstrual Q cup

Every new experience, including using a menstrual cup for the first time, can be challenging. It is important to remember that you no need to worry about anything while using the menstrual cup, which does provide leakage protection, may be an excellent alternative to sanitary pads that is both environmentally friendly and cost-effective. The cup may take you a few days or a few weeks to become familiar with but believe us when we say it’s all worth it. You may learn about the benefits of using a menstrual cup, as well as how it compares to pads and tampons.

Easy Step To Use Menstrual Cup!


Clean Your hand & Sterilize the Q Cup


Fold Breath & Insert


Wear Up to 9 Hours


Remove the Q Cup


Wash the Q Cup & Reuse

Prior to menstrual cup first use:

Sanitize your Cup in boiling water for 3-5 minutes before using it for the first time. Make sure the cup does not contact the pot’s bottom.

Step 1:
How to insert a Menstrual Q Cup.

Clean Hand properly

Before inserting it, remember to wash your hands with clean water and a light soap.


There are many menstrual cup folding methods available, so try out a few and see which one works best for you. The Punch-Down Fold and the C-Fold are two of the most popular. When inserting your menstrual cup, keep it folded until it reaches your vaginal opening.


When inserting your menstrual cup, it's crucial to relax your muscles, so select a comfortable position. You have the option of lying down, squatting, sitting on the toilet, or simply standing up. Over time, you'll discover the optimum posture for you! To make insertion simpler, you can use water or water based lubricants.

Insert and Release

Insert the folded menstruation cup into your body, then remove your fingers and allow it to open up. You may hear a "pop" or a suction sound if the menstrual cup has been properly inserted, indicating that the cup has unfolded and produced the essential suction seal. If you're not sure, reach into the cup and feel around the base; it should be round or oval with no visible wrinkles.


If you notice any dents or folds on the base of your menstrual cup and aren't sure if the suction seal has been formed, gently grab the cup's base (not the stem) and twist it to unfold it. If you feel resistance when pulling the stem of your menstrual cup, the suction seal has been produced and the cup has been put appropriately. The menstrual cup, in opposed to a tampon, should be inserted lower in the vaginal canal. You should be able to feel the stem inside of you, however, because we are all made differently, if the stem protrudes and irritates you, you can reduce it (not while inserted).

Step 2:
Wear for up to 9 hours.

One of the advantages of using a menstrual cup is that you may use it for up to 9 hours at a time, so you can leave it in all day and night once it’s implanted. You may need to empty it more than twice a day, depending on how heavy your flow is. That’s why, to get to know your menstrual cup and your flow, we recommend emptying it more frequently at first.

Step 3:
How to remove Menstrual Q Cup.


Start by washing your hands with warm water and a light soap once again.


Lay down, squat, sit on the toilet, or stand up in a position that is comfortable for you. It's important to stay relaxed because removing your menstrual cup will be more difficult if you're stressed.


Pull slightly on the stem of your menstrual cup until you reach the base to remove it. To release the suction seal and ease it out, gently pinch the base of the cup (or place your index finger alongside it). Pulling the stem of your menstrual cup to remove it may cause discomfort.

Empty and Wash

After removing your menstrual cup, drain the collected flow into the toilet or sink, rinse the cup (remember the air holes), and re-insert it. If you don't have access to clean water, you can clean your cup with toilet paper and then rinse it with water later.

Re-Insert or Store

Re-insert your menstrual cup as directed in Step 1 once it is clean. If your menstruation has stopped, however: To disinfect the cup, boil it for 3-5 minutes in water or just wipe it down with toilet paper before storing it in the cotton bag.