We at AmTrue invite everyone to explore the Natural and Safe personal care as well as
hygiene products for healthy living experience.
Get authentic Hygiene care and Personal care products at AmTrue. Our vision is to provide the
Best Hygiene Products and Personal Care Products at Pocket-friendly prices without
compromising with quality. We have thought of breaking stereotypes. AmTrue’s menstrual
Products have a deep trustable relationship with Women. AmTrue’s founder and Co-Founder
have a dream to provide products from nature’s bed. Choose now the gems like AmTrue India
Products for Personal Care.


Star Features of AMTRUE Products

No Paraben, No Sulphate & No Harsh Chemicals

 Manufactured in FDA Approved facility

 Certified products

 Made in India

 Natural, Safe and medical grade Ingredients

 Eco-Friendly Products

Exciting facts about Why To Choose AmTrue

 The AmTrue brand name suggests staying true to nature along with being true to

 The highlighted black part of the AmTrue Logo depicts the blackness, Shaded
Issues & Darkness that exists in women’s life. (??? Our registered logo is in green
and blue colour and other is white in colour)

  AmTrue products are essential for Body hygiene and personal care.

  AmTrue products are Organic and Natural, beneficial for both Your Care and Our
Mother Earth’s Care

Our Vision

We want to spread the message more about women’s menstrual care as well as personal
hygiene and care. Many brands sell menstrual care, hygiene and personal care ranges in
competition with AmTrue. We see things differently. We plan to sell 100% Medical Grade
LIQUID silicone-made menstrual cups and natural extract personal care products. Join us in
making positive and healthy changes to your hygiene care right n

Our Mission

In upcoming years, We want to shift the whole MENSTRUAL PADS SYSTEM into a
REUSABLE MENSTRUAL CUP SYSTEM in India. Pads are usually made up
 of nondecomposable materials and harsh chemicals which are not
at all good for Women’s HumanTouch as well as Our Earth. AmTrue Believe
in giving Comfort to Everybody. Our primary
aim is to deliver healthy solutions to the problems faced by
women on a large scale as well as
everyone on daily basis.

Message from AmTrue Founder

Ashish Wanjari is the one who came up with the idea of creating a brand like AmTrue. Ashish
is currently hard at work developing a new menstruation care product line for women and
personal as well as hygiene care products for everyone. (Do not mention about ashish being an

Message from AmTrue Co-Founder

Amture India’s Co-Founder is Ichha Ashish Wanjari. She has observed numerous variances
in the Monthly Care Ranges of various brands including AmTrue. Her expertise contributes
significantly to offering AmTrue Women’s Care Products a feminine touch.