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AmTrue-MENSTRUAL CUP WASH (100 ML Pack of 2)


  • AmTrue Menstrual Cup Wash contains natural ingredients like Neem, Tulsi, and Tea Tree and is chemical-free. 
  • AmTrue Menstrual Cup Wash is easy to use and cleanses bacteria & fungus 
  • AmTrue Menstrual Cup wash keeps your menstrual cup safe and secure from all types of dirt and bacteria
  • AmTrue Menstrual Cup Wash is gentle on the cup and does not harm or damage the material of the cup.
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How to use shake well before use. 


Pump the wash with clean hands. 

Rub the cup with wash perfectly from all sides.

Wash the cup with clean water. 

And now your cup is again ready to use free from bacteria & odor. 



  1. Must boil menstrual cup after using this wash every time. 
  2. Avoid contact with eyes. 
  3. Store in a cool place. 


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