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  • The Amtrue best Menstrual Q Cup is made in INDIA. It is certified by Testtex India Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. 
  • These premium & best menstual Q cups helps you to catch more period fluid.
  • The Premium Menstrual Q Cup is made of 100% medical-grade liquid silicone. It is shaped like a bell with a stem.
  • The Best part is that Q Cup is used for 9 hours but keep a check on it every 4 hours depending upon your flow
  • The Amtrue menstrual Q Cup is eco-friendly and available in 3 sizes Small, Medium, and Large
  • The Q Cup is the best personal hygiene product and it is reusable for the 5 years


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How to use it

  • Wash your hands with warm water. 
  • Hold the Q Cup upside down and fold it in half by pressing the sides of the cup together to form a “C” 
  • Gently separate the opening of the vagina and push the folded side in, Ensure that the cup opens up fully inside & forms the seal. 



  • Wash your hands with water.
  •  Hold the steam gently and pull out till you can touch the bottom of the cup. Press the cup in the bottom to release the seal & pull out.
  • Do not pull the cup out by holding the steam alone. 
  • Empty the cup in the toilet. Rinse it thoroughly with water & reuse it.


Additional Information

  1.  Rashfree
  2.  No Toxins 
  3.  Soft  Material 
  4.  No Leakage
  5.  Eco-Friendly 
  6.  No Odour
  7. No Sensation 
  8. Five Years Reusability 
  9. Chemical-Free 
  10. Q CUP Can be Used for 9 Hrs
  11. Enjoy physical activities like Swimming, Dancing, and exercise, with no fear.

Additional information


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2 reviews for AmTrue Q-Cup ….

  1. roshani

    great product to use

  2. Ankita

    Fantastic product

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